Eight “Unkillable” Houseplants

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Brits struggling to keep houseplants healthy are being advised on which fool-proof plants to grow in their homes.

The gardening experts at Lazy Flora have revealed a list of plants that are the least likely to die after a long period of neglect.

Tough but pretty houseplants are perfect for those with a busy life or without a green thumb.

Plants such as the striking Flamingo Flower, bright Guzmania and tough Prickly Pear are known for being extremely easy to look after, are rarely thirsty and can adapt to various lighting conditions.

Claire Ransom, the founder of Lazy Flora said: “We all know someone who can kill a plant at 20 paces. Some of my friends confess to being the type of gardener who, no matter how well-intentioned, just can’t seem to keep their botanical babies in good health.

“If that sounds familiar, then these robust plants are for you. They’re the ultimate low maintenance bunch and still thrive in spite of slight neglect. Most of them feel right at home living with forgetful waterers, who also have a habit of putting their plants in corners with low light levels.”

The best plants for gardeners at the start of their green journey:

ZZ plant

The ZZ plant should be everyone’s first plant.

Because it is one of the toughest around, you’ll often find it’s glossy, polished green leaves decorating offices and low-light areas around the house. It doesn’t require much water but thrives best when the soil is not completely dried out, so a little and often approach to watering comes up trumps.

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Spider plant

Getting its name from the arachnid-like baby plants it produces during summer months, the Spider plant is incredibly undemanding.

They prefer bright, but indirect light and are best placed anywhere in the house away from a sunny windowsill.

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Flamingo flower

Also known as an Anthurium, the Flamingo Flower will make a fabulous addition to any home with its bright, striking heart-shaped spathes.

The shiny leaves and flowers produced by the plant are long-lasting and add character and exotic beauty to any room. As they are toxic, it is best keeping this plant well out of reach of any furry friends.

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Swiss Cheese Plant

The shiny, uniquely shaped, striking leaves of the Monstera deliciosa make a statement in any room.

The plant is native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, so plant parents should keep them in bright, indirect light and water regularly to ensure their young charges do not dry out.

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Guzmanias are some of the most striking plants in the world.

The beautifully colourful flower-shaped protrusion is not actually a flower, but actually a bract.

Each plant will produce a long-lasting colourful head, in bright reds, oranges or yellows.

In the wild they are found loitering on tree branches in tropical rainforests, but at home they will be the perfect fit in a bathroom. Despite their warm origins, they love a bit of dappled shade and survive best out of direct sunlight.

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Rubber plant

These plants are devilishly difficult to kill and can tolerate above average amounts of neglect, making them an ideal choice for people with busy lives.

When cut, the leaves of a rubber plant will secrete sap that can be harmful to humans and pets alike, so take care when handling. Water it when the top of the compost becomes dry and place in a position somewhere with indirect light.

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Prickly Pear Cactus

Cacti are super low maintenance houseplants, and the Prickly Pear is extremely easy to look after because it only requires watering when almost dried out.

Don’t let their spiky nature put you off, they help the plant conserve water and are safe to handle when using gloves.

Accidental spikes stuck in the skin can irritate, but instead of pulling them out by hand, which can be tricky, use sticky tape as a timesaver. As with all cacti, a sunny spot on the windowsill will ensure the plant is happy and thriving.

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Sansevieria Zeylanica Fan

The beautiful Zeylanica is a different variety of the robust snake plant, making them another top choice for beginners.

The stunning dark green sword shaped leaves have distinctive, differently shaded bands running across them. Sansevieria plants are happy growing in a variety of light conditions, only require a little water and are more than capable of coping with high levels of neglect.

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All plants can be found over at Lazy Flora in The Unkillables range.

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