“So Many Names”, by Edgar A. Guest

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This poem was first published in an April, 1955 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

It’s quite a sweet little piece, from a frequent contributor named Edgar A. Guest.

Edgar also wrote “Don’t Quit”, which has proven very popular with our website visitors!

We hope you enjoy.

“So Many Names”

Her mother calls me daddy, but it puzzles Marjorie
When she knows me as her grandpa, how a daddy I can be.
That’s a little family mystery children puzzle over long.
To be grandpa and a daddy something surely must be wrong.

When my nephew calls me uncle she’s in trouble deep again.
All these titles are confusing since the reason isn’t plain.
And her eyes were fairly popping from her lovely golden head
When a very dear relation spoke of me as Cousin Ed.

There is much to learn in childhood and there’s much that must be told,
But it’s hard to understand it when you’re only four years old.
And I know that little Marjie sits and wishes that she knew
How her grandpa can be daddy, Cousin Ed and uncle, too.

Edgar A. Guest

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