“Reading Between The Lines” With The MacPeevers

reading between the lines

If ever there were characters and stories ripe for “Reading Between The Lines”, it would be Colin and Jean MacPeever.

This old married couple, created in the early 1900s by author AP Macdonald, seem to live their lives in what’s not being said. Or, rather, in the knowledge that what they are saying isn’t strictly true.

Their dynamic makes for some truly funny storytelling, that has more than stood the test of time.

We’ve featured “The MacPeever Wrangles” a few times already on our story podcast:

The truth is, we can’t resist them. We even had our Illustrations Editor, Manon, create the lovely representation of them above. Do they look how you would have expected?

Our next Wrangle

Season 2, Episode 2 of “Reading Between The Lines” has returned to the MacPeevers, in “The MacPeever Wrangles: Over The Football Match”.

In it, the eponymous heroes are bickering over Colin’s plan to sneak out to a football match (his beloved Partick Thistle are playing Dundee FC, hometown team of the “Friend”).

As always, he doesn’t seem to be winning . . .

Listen to a little clip of the team discussing the story below:


We did eventually get to “the types of wives” as according to “Scottish Referee” magazine . . . and they’re just as cringeworthy as you might expect.

Give the full episode a listen by clicking here.

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