Willie’s View: Up Craig Fonvuick

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This week, Willie’s walking up a lesser-known Perthshire hill: Craig Fonvuick.

At just 1,345 feet high, Craig Fonvuick is noy maybe one of Pertshire’s better known hills. But for those walkers more interested in the scenery than ticking off lists, this is definitely one to save for a good clear day.

The hill rises immediately to the west of the narrow wooded Pass of Killiecrankie.

This morning I left my car at the western end of Garry Bridge, to talk up Tenandry Kirk and through the Tulach Special Conservation Area.

A well-marked trail leads all the way to the summit of Craig Fonvuick, offering fantastic views over Strath Tummel; the Beinn a’Ghlo range and away to Blair Castle.

On this wee hill, though, the views aren’t just saved for the summit. Continuing northward and dropping to Killiecrankie village, there are pictures to be had every step of the way.

The Soldier’s Leap

There wasn’t a great deal of water in the Garry after a dry month, but still the falls below Killiecrankie were quite spectacular. So, too, at the famous “Soldier’s Leap”, on my return through the Pass.

The Battle of Killicrankie was fought on July 27, 1689 at Urrard, about a mile to the north.

As the government forces fled the field, one Donald McBean, having been chased to the edge of the Garry, had nothing to lose by attempting to jump the 18 feet wide torrent.

He surprised even himself when he made it! Needless to say, none of his pursuers were brave enough to follow!



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Willie Shand