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Most of the time, hearing deteriorates gradually. So, you might not even notice that you’re not hearing as well as you once did. Hearing tests with Boots can help you keep track of your hearing health. It’s straight-forward and they can provide lots of information on how frequently to test, and how to manage hearing-related symptoms.

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When should I check my hearing?

Some common signs that it might be time to get your hearing checked are:

  • You have your TV volume too loud for the rest of your family
  • You find it difficult to follow conversations if there’s lots of background noise
  • Chatting on the phone is tricky even if it’s quiet
  • You think people are mumbling a lot and have to ask them to repeat themselves

What to expect during a Boots hearing test?

Boots in-store hearing tests take 15 minutes. A hearing specialist will assess your hearing ability and feedback your results, providing any information you need and answering any questions.

Book yours by clicking below, using the CODE: 200INFMAY22, redeemable at your appointment. Offer ends 30th June.

15% off best-selling hearing aids offer ends 17th June.
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