Six Common Garden Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Woman pulling carrots from community garden

Spend more time in your garden in the warmer weather, but avoid these six common garden mistakes! The Solar Centre have the best advice for making the most out of your garden space.

Starting too big

You can’t do everything at once! Caring for dozens of new plants can be challenging. If you’re starting from scratch, go for low-maintenance plants. Like ornamental grasses or lavender. Completing smaller projects will help you feel more confident to take on something a bit bigger.

Choosing the wrong spot

Stop and think before you head to the garden centre and fill your basket. Or you risk planting them in the wrong places and them not flourishing. Make a plan of your garden first! Take note of which areas are shadier, or sunnier. Pick plants that will thrive in each space.

Not planning solar lights

Lighting in your garden allows you to enjoy it in the evenings too, and solar lights cut the hassle of wiring. However, think carefully about where to place them! You want to make sure they’re in a position to receive full sun during the day. Or, use lighting options where the solar panel is in a different spot. This way, you can put lights in shaded areas but still collect the energy of the sun.

Letting weeds take over

Weeds might not seem like that big a deal but they can cause real damage to your plants. Weeding properly requires a few hand tools like a hoe or weed extractor. These will make sure you reach the root of the weed. Only pulling away a few leaves means they’ll grow back again and again. If you’re feeling intimidated by the amount of weeds in your garden, dedicate 15 minutes to one square metre patch at a time.

Forgetting when to water

Watering in the mornings or evenings is ideal as it reduces the amount of evaporation. Knowing how often to water can be tricky as it depends on the weather. During hot periods, some plants require watering once a day. Others can go a few weeks without water! Put plants with similar needs next to each other in your garden so the different parts can stick to the same watering schedule.

Using chemical pesticides

Pesticides often kill all types of insects, not just the pests. Some can even be passed on to other animals. Consider using biological controls, like the predator of a pest to control them in your garden. Chemical pesticides should only be used as a last resort when you’ve tried everything else.

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