Five Tricks To Transforming A Plain Garden

Dunny back garden with shed, trellis with pink flowers and patch of grass

If you’ve moved house or simply fancy a change, The Greenhouse People have fve top tips for transforming a plain garden.

Create Zones

Looking at a blank slate can be intimidating! Creating different zones in your garden is a wonderful way to break up an empty patch of lawn. These can easily be created with the use of garden beds, pathways and edging.

Garden beds don’t just need to be a straight line around the perimeter of your garden. Large, curved or angular beds will help to break up the space and create more interest.

Paving is very useful for helping to distinguish between different zones too. Consider creating a simple reading area tucked away at the back of your garden or a larger barbecue area.

Add Texture

Planting a range of similar plants can leave your garden looking quite bland. When choosing plants, consider a wide range of textures. This could include a mix of flowers, shrubs, grasses and trees. These plants will also have varying heights which are great for adding more interest.

Textures can also be added with a variety of hardscaping, such as paving, gravel and wooden decking.

Do Away With Grass

Grass isn’t the most visually interesting, environmentally friendly or cost-effective option. Consider planting lots of wildflowers and keep just a small portion of grass. Letting your lawn grow longer too is really great for your garden’s biodiversity as wildflowers and insects can thrive.

Or, do away with grass completely and replace it with clover. Clover is a great low-maintenance option as it doesn’t require mowing or watering and attracts pollinators.

Add Vertical Interest

Creating some vertical interest is a great way to disguise a boring fence or wall. Consider installing a living wall, which has become an increasingly popular gardening trend in recent years. You can do this with pallets or a trellis with hanging pots. This is also a great way to be water-wise, as the water from the top plants drips into the plants below.

For something extra special, add some solar-powered fairy lights to ensure your trellis wall makes a statement at night too.

Create A Living Area

Pave or deck a portion of your garden to create a practical space where you can lounge, dine or even cook.

A summerhouse is a great way to help define the space and can offer some much-needed shade during warmer months. It can be a reading spot, dining area or even a home office.

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Jacqueline Munro

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