Get Your Garden Ready For Autumn/Winter

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As we say goodbye to summer and the cold chill creeps in, gardening experts from Polhill have their top tips for getting your garden ready for autumn.

Cut Your Lawn

It’s best to get your lawn cut before the cold and the damp weather sets in. If this job is neglected, it’ll be close to impossible to cut during the autumn and winter season.

Refresh Your Garden

As you would spring clean your home, it’s also important to refresh your garden ready for autumn. Cut back your plants and make sure your shed is clear for storing everything that you may need for winter.

This would also be the perfect time to pressure wash any patio or decking that features in your garden to remove dirt. This will stop excessive dirt build-up from occurring your patio over the wet winter months.

Protect Your Plants

As the first frost of the year rolls in, this can cause plants to wither and die. If you have any plants that are outdoors and at risk of any harsh weather conditions, bring them indoors. The best place for them is a conservatory or greenhouse, as these receive the most sunlight.

Pack Away Seasonal Garden Items

Barbecues and outdoor furniture are traditionally items used in hot water, so to prevent them from becoming weather damaged, pack them away. If you don’t have the space or option to move them into storage, ensure they are properly covered.

Protect Your Tap

Your tap may go unnoticed or forgotten about, so it’s worth removing your garden hose from the outdoor tap and shutting it off. Not doing this could result in it freezing and getting damaged by the expanding ice. It’s also worth noting that if you have a zinc watering can, this could also become damaged by ice. It’s best to tidy these away, or alternatively place them upside down so no water can get inside.

Check Your Gardening Tools

Have a look at your garden tools. Check whether your hedge clippers, lawnmower blades and secateurs need sharpening. Oil any blades and store them away, as you won’t need them until March time. When storing them, make sure your shed is watertight to prevent any kind of damp or water getting in and affecting your tools.

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