Fiction Ed’s Blog: Where Can I Buy Pocket Novels?

This week, DC Thomson Head Of Circulation, Iain McKenzie (above), answers your questions about where you can find our Pocket Novels.

Iain, and his Circulation colleagues, manage the distribution and sales of all DC Thomson magazines in supermarkets and newsagents, both in the UK and around the world.

“Where Can I Buy Pocket Novels?”

“Pocket Novels are available to buy in over 2,500 retail outlets across the UK.

“They are stocked in larger selected Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrison stores, as well as WH Smith High Street, Martin McColls, and hundreds of independent newsagents.

“They’re not available in every one of these stores; it can depend on how much shelf space is given to magazines in each individual store.”

“What If I Can’t Find A Stockist?”

“We have a smart tool on our website that can help you find a stockist nearby. Click on the Find A Stockist link at the bottom of the main “Friend” web page.

“On the store finder, just select PF Pocket Novel, enter your postcode, and it will find stores within your area.

“Your local independent newsagent can also order it for you. Whilst they might not currently stock it, they’ll be able to set up a regular order from their wholesaler.

“If you’re having difficulty, get in touch and we’ll do what we can to find a solution for you.”

“Can you buy pocket novels if you live overseas?”

“We export pocket novels to Australia, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland, and copies will be available in selected stores in these countries.

“Alternatively, you can buy a subscription, wherever you are in the world, either a physical printed copy we can post to you, or a digital edition we can send via email.”

“How far back can I buy pocket novels?”

“For issues published in the last six months, we may have copies in stock at the DC Thomson shop – or call 0800 904 7260.”

“Is subscribing a cheaper option?”

“It is cheapest, and also ensures you never miss an issue.

“We have a great introductory subscription off on at the moment where you can get the first six issues for £6, and then it’s £14.50 every three months thereafter. That equates to 50% off the shop price.

“We have offers for overseas subscribers too. This link gives all the details on how to subscribe:





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