Valentine’s Day ‘Rules Of Love’ Advice For Younger Generations

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Love is something most of us look for in our lifetime, and who better to get the ultimate advice when it comes to finding your soul mate than those with a whole life of experience? To mark Valentine’s Day 2023 (14th February), Lottie has asked care home residents across Scotland to share their ‘Rules of Love’ advice for younger generations.

Care Home Residents’ Love Advice For Younger Generations

  • “Behave yourself,” shares Agnes, 82 (a resident at Campsie View Care Home)
  • “Love is understanding and compromise,” shares Harry, 80 (a resident at Campsie View Care Home)
  • “Love is the best feeling you can have! Above all others! Takes over everything!”, shares Helen, 84 (a resident at Campsie View Care Home)
  • “Think about it and don’t rush”, shares Tony, 77 (a resident at Campsie View Care Home)

Care Home Love Stories

David, a resident at Woodlands Care Home in Aberdeen, shares meeting wife completely by chance, when they were both sent on a bus tour of the paper mill by their parents. At the time the couple were 16 and love wasn’t really on their minds, but as fate would have it they were sitting next to each other on the bus tour and couldn’t stop talking.

All they wanted was to get married straight away! But David and his wife were told to wait until they were 19. Together, David and his wife had 2 wonderful children and they lived in married bliss for many years.

Hanny (74) a resident at Havencourt Care Home, met her husband Bert at a party. They did long distance dating at the start of their relationship. The couple got married in August 1972, going on to travel the world together.

Bert visits Hanny every day and had an endearing nickname for her ‘Krue Top’ meaning curly top.

Residents at Henderson House Care Home in Dalgety Bay truly know how to celebrate love. Rhona, a granddaughter of a resident at Henderson House, got in touch with the team to see how she could celebrate her big day with her grandparents by her side.

Before her wedding day Rhona spent many days visiting her grandma. The pair reminisced about her grandmother’s wedding looking through her photo album and sharing the joy and happy memories created.

In October, Henderson House held their own intimate wedding ceremony for bride Rhona and her husband Patrick. Rhona was able to share her big day with her grandparents by her side and create many treasured memories.

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