The Daily Serial Is Back!

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As we mentioned last week, being a bit busy recently has meant that we weren’t able to keep up with the Daily Serial episodes for a few weeks.

We’re very sorry for the unexpected break in “The Call Of The City”, by Katherine Swartz. It’s so good, we know it must have been a little frustrating for those of you reading along.

The good news is: we’re back on track. This week we’ve published:

And we’re back to publishing . . . well, daily!

The story so far

ANDREW CAVENDISH is in hospital having a triple heart bypass while wife MEG and daughter KERRY await news.

His other daughter, GRACE, is in New York auditioning for a place at the Juilliard music school. She is staying with her aunt JULIET, who fell out with Meg years ago.

News of the family emergency leads her to phone her sister.

Kerry, who is married to farmer DANIEL, struggles with the demands of work, home and supporting her mother. It irks Kerry that on Grace’s return from New York all the attention is on her, but she knows this is petty.

Andrew is glad to see his younger daughter and reveals that the estrangement between her mother and Juliet is because 30 years ago, after their father had a stroke, Juliet fled to New York, leaving Meg to care for their parent.

Meg worries that history is going to repeat itself and that Kerry will be left to help care for her father.

When Grace is accepted by Juilliard it seems Meg’s worst fears have come true . . .

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