SPONSORED: Three heart-warming success stories from Cats Protection

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Cats Protection, the UK’s largest cat welfare charity, has been transforming the lives of cats in need for nearly 100 years.

There are so many success stories of cats who’ve been helped by the charity over the decades.

Here are just three heart warming examples that demonstrate the resilience and joy these cats bring to their new homes.

Must-read Cats Protection success stories

The three amigos

Three kittens named Molly, Polly and Dolly.

Kitten trio Molly, Polly and Dolly.

Embarking on their journey at the tender age of eight weeks, Molly, Dolly and Polly were brought into the care of Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan Branch. These kittens faced the aftermath of untreated eye infections.

A vet assessment revealed extensive damage, meaning it was necessary to remove an eye from both Molly and Polly, and both of Dolly’s eyes.

Branch Co-ordinator and fosterer Diane said: “After a rocky start to life, these three really showed us how resilient kittens can be.

“With medication and much TLC, they recovered to become lovely, playful girls with their own personalities. I am amazed at how Dolly adapted to life with no sight.

“Once they were strong enough, we transferred them to our Warrington Adoption Centre for rehoming. It’s rare that someone would take on three cats.”

The heart-warming twist came when Su, grieving the loss of her beloved pets, adopted all three and gave them the loving home they deserved.

She said: “Polly is now Blink and, due to some nasal damage, I now live with someone who snuffles and sounds like she has a really bad cold; she definitely can’t sneak up on anyone!

“Molly is now named TLC, after the band’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’, and Dolly became Team – as there’s no I in team!”

Su marvels at Team’s fearlessness despite having no eyes, proving that love knows no boundaries.

The trio are now receiving the love and care they need.

The road to recovery

Kitten Merv sitting on a toy platform

Merv before his life changing operation.

Merv, a tabby-and-white bundle of resilience, arrived at Cats Protection Falmouth, Helston & District Branch at seven weeks old, bearing the weight of a severe limp.

Fosterer Chris immediately took Merv to the vets, who found him to have a severely broken leg, requiring amputation.

Chris shared: “We had to move swiftly to ensure Merv was pain free as quickly as possible. Although it’s never an easy decision to make, in Merv’s case we knew amputation was the best option for him.

“The alternative would have been an even more complicated surgery, significant metalwork in his leg, cage-rest during his most formative weeks plus the chance that he might still be in pain, whereas now he can enjoy living his best, most bouncy life!”

As Merv navigated the road to recovery, his vibrant personality emerged, free from the shackles of pain.

The branch, committed to his wellbeing, ensured his leg fully healed before seeking his forever home, which he has now found.

From stray to much-loved pet

Cat looking out of a window.

Victor enjoying time in his new loving home.

15-year-old Victor silently endured the harsh realities of stray life until he was discovered.

When he was found he had dull fur, he was underweight and required dental treatment. He found solace at Cats Protection Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre and started on the road to recovery.

Deputy Adoption Centre Manager Jackie said: “Being an older cat with a few medical conditions under his belt, we knew it would take a special person to adopt Victor. Fewer adopters are willing to take on an older cat and often put an age limit on the cats they will consider for rehoming.

“However, older cats can make great pets and often settle into their new homes very quickly.”

Despite age-related adoption challenges, Victor found a home with Victoria, defying stereotypes about senior cats.

Victoria shared: “‘Victor looked so sad in his original advert, I thought he deserved to live out what life he had left in comfort.

“Within the first week, Victor found his feet and he now rules the roost! If I don’t wake up immediately, he sits on my pillow and meows and head butts me until I do.

“Victor is turning into a very affectionate lap cat and loves nothing more than having a cuddle. For his age Victor is surprisingly energetic and playful, he especially loves chasing after his toy mouse.”

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Supporting Cats Protection

These tales of triumph and transformation spotlight the profound impact Cats Protection has on the lives of cats.

As we celebrate these heart-warming success stories, consider standing beside Cats Protection in its mission to provide care, love and fresh beginnings for cats in need.

Whether through donations, leaving a gift in your Will, volunteering or opening your home to an adoptable cat, you can be a part of creating more success stories like these. Every cat, regardless of age or challenges, deserves the chance to experience a life brimming with love and warmth.

Almost half of Cats Protection funding comes from gifts in Wills. Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Cats Protection and help keep the UK’s feline friends purring now and in the future.