“King Charles” has a new home in Australia!

King Charles post box topper

This wonderful and wacky post box topper has found a new home in Australia, thanks to Shea Wakelin, an ex-pat from Leicestershire.

The post box topper first appeared in the Leicestershire town of Syston in the run up to King Charles’ Coronation in May 2023, before being auctioned off for a very worthy local cause.

The woollen wonder, created by mystery knitter “Syston Knitting Banxy”, was eventually snapped up by Shea Wakelin.

King Charles post box topper

Shea emigrated to Australia ten years ago from Syston but her dad had been keeping her informed of the knitted post box toppers appearing in the area.

When Shea discovered that some were coming up for sale in a charity silent auction, she made a successful bid for “King Charles”.

With two young daughters of her own, Shea was keen to support the charity auction as well as to bring a little piece of her heritage back to Australia.

When she recently spoke to BBC Radio Leicester, Shea admitted the post box topper needed its own suitcase on her flight back to Australia!

And where is “King Charles” now? Shea reveals that he’s on her balcony in western Australia, overlooking the ocean. What a lovely spot!

When did the trend for post box toppers begin?

Post box toppers have been bringing much needed joy to villages and towns all over the UK, but when exactly did this yarn bombing trend begin?

Who better to ask than the Royal Mail themselves, whose postal pick ups are brightened by these colourful additions.

A spokesman for the organisation said, “Over the years we have enjoyed seeing the various post box toppers that different groups have showcased in communities across the UK. We first began to see these toppers in 2012 over the festive season, although this soon spread to other key times of the year such as Easter.

“We appreciate the resident’s passion for creating these works of art.”​

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