Real Life Love Stories

Real life love stories. Image features a black and white photo of a couple on their wedding day.

We asked you how you met your partner or how your parents met? Your real life love stories were so touching we had to share them.

These couples were destined to meet and their stories are straight out of a movie script.

Tissues at the ready, they might bring a tear to your eye.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is extra special for Heidi Griffin

My husband and I meet in March 95. Married in the June and had our daughter on Valentine’s day 1996. Our daughter’s middle name is Valentine and we’ve been very happily married since.

Pip Dowse and her husband are romantic in their own way

Not very heart warming but 100% true. On our very first date (last day of June 1996) my hubby saw a guy with his arms full of flowers, which had been bought cheap at the end of our market. He laughed and said, “Guilty conscience!” He then turned to me and said, “Oh, if we last I can never buy you flowers can I?” I said no, with my head in hands. 27 and a half years later (27 married) he has NEVER bought me a single flower. He does make it up in the garden though – filled with beautiful flowers.

Ιαιν Βλαιρ says it was love at first sight

Met in a local pub and for me at least it was love at first sight. Took a while for her to come round, but I must have grown on her. We’ve now been married 33 years. Married down in Leith Registrar.

Abiy Orr is thankful for the memories she and her partner made together

We met on a government training for work scheme – I had a month to go and he was just starting. It was right for us from the very start. We had to face endless challenges, but the certainty of that rightness sustained us through 30 years together. Though I miss him always, I know how very blessed we were.

Glenda Young’s parents experienced a twist of fate

I love how my parents met. Dad was waiting outside the cinema for his girlfriend, who didn’t arrive. At the same time, Mam was waiting outside the cinema for her boyfriend, who didn’t arrive. So they went in together instead!

Susan Evans’ parent’s have the royal seal of approval

My mum and dad, Lilian and Arthur, have their 71st wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. They met while teenagers and got engaged before Dad went off for National Service in the Malayan Campaign. They then married when he thankfully came back and have received a lovely card from the Queen for their 60th, 65th and one from the King for their 70th wedding anniversary.

Shirley Bradley’s real life love story was written in the stars

I got in touch with an old workmate from a Saturday job through the website Friends Reunited. She invited me to her birthday party and I asked two of my friends to come with me as I wouldn’t know anyone, but on the morning of the party they both cancelled. I finished work that day exhausted and didn’t want to go. I even started typing a message to my old workmate to say I couldn’t make it and we should meet soon for coffee to catch up instead. Something made me think, “Why not just go”. So I went on my own, and there I met my now husband of 14 years and partner of 19 years! He was the friend of my old workmate’s boyfriend.


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