How Ivel Valley Bird Food found the key to success as a family business

Bird on feeder

On a family-run farm dating back a century, the Parrish brothers, Nick and James, have woven their love for wildlife and sustainable farming into the fabric of Ivel Valley Bird Food.

What started as a local venture in 2015, crafting suet treats for nearby retailers, has now blossomed into a nationwide sensation, offering premium homemade bird food that not only nourishes our feathered friends but also cares for the environment.

The Ivel Valley Ready Peck suet pellets: a delight for wild birds

Berry Suet Pellets.

The berry suet pellets offer nutritious and tasty feasts for the birds in your garden.

Homemade on the picturesque Bedfordshire farm, the Ready Peck suet pellets are crafted with a bespoke recipe. Using British suet, these high-quality suet pellets are designed to attract a diverse array of wild birds to your garden.

What sets Ivel Valley’s suet pellets apart is its unique blend of wheat flour, oat flour and peanut flour, excluding whole wheat grains. This intentional choice not only enhances the nutritional value but also deters unwanted birds, such as pigeons, ensuring your garden visitors are the ones truly benefiting from this nutritious feast.

The pellets come in an enticing variety of flavours, including insect and mealworm, berry, apple, super suet and peanut, catering to the discerning tastes of different bird species.

The Parrish legacy

solar farm at Ivel Valley

The farm’s energy needs are met by over 400kw of solar panels.

The roots of Ivel Valley Bird Food run deep into the soil of a family legacy in farming. The Parrish family, renowned for their contribution to the UK’s onion and shallot supply, decided to expand their horizons by embracing their passion for preserving local wildlife. Nick and James Parrish combined their agricultural expertise with a love for supporting local ecosystems, giving birth to Ivel Valley Bird Food.

The commitment to sustainable farming is evident in every aspect of the business. Precision farming techniques optimise resource usage on the farm, which hosts a mix of crops, from sunflowers and millet to wheat for flour, onions, shallots, and potatoes. The farm’s energy needs are met by over 400kw of solar panels, a wind turbine and water from their reservoir, emphasising Ivel Valley’s dedication to minimising its ecological footprint.

Ivel Valley wind warm

Wind power contributes to Ivel Valley Bird Food’s sustainability.

High quality for highflyers

Understanding the nutritional needs of birds is crucial, and Ivel Valley has enlisted the expertise of Mike Smith, an ornithologist with an MSc in Ornithology and specialisation in wild bird supplementary feeding. Together, they’ve developed seed and suet ranges that provide birds with a healthy, high-energy food source. All Ivel Valley seed mixes are free from wheat seeds and generic fillers, ensuring that the birds receive the best possible nutrition.

Eco-friendly packaging and delivery

Ivel Valley not only cares for the birds and the farm but also takes strides to keep the planet happy. The packaging is nearly all fully recyclable paper or biodegradable plastic, and the company is committed to moving towards it being 100% eco-friendly across its entire product range.

As a cherry on top, Ivel Valley offers free next-day delivery for orders over £25 when placed before 2pm, making it easier than ever to bring a taste of the farm to your backyard.

Special offer just for you

To celebrate the partnership with The People’s Friend audience, Ivel Valley Bird Food is extending a special offer. Use the code IVELFRIEND10 at checkout to enjoy a 10% discount when you spend £40 or more. This exclusive offer is valid until March 31 (excluding sunflower hearts and live worms), allowing you to treat your feathered companions to premium bird food at a discounted price.

Visit the Ivel Valley website today and unlock a world of high-quality, homemade bird food that speaks volumes about a shared love for wildlife and the planet.