The iconic Australian biscuit brand Tim Tam UK launch

Three flavours from the Tim Tam range will be available in UK shops.

The Tim Tam, an Aussie classic, has just secured its first shop listings in the UK and our mouths are watering.

What is a Tim Tam? A question only someone who’s never met a Tim Tam enthusiast – an Australian – might ask.

A Tim Tam is basically two chocolate-coated biscuits sandwiched together, with a delicious filling in between. The original filling is a smooth, chocolatey cream.

Sound familiar? That’s because Tim Tams were originally inspired by the British Penguin biscuit from McVitie’s. However, most people – not just Australians – are adamant they do taste better. After all, that was Tim Tam creator Ian Norris’ main goal… when he stole the idea.

Tim Tams were launched in 1964 by biscuit manufacturer Arnott’s and fast became a staple of every Australian’s household. They are now extremely popular worldwide, proving that inherent Aussie wanderlust to be a super effective marketing technique.

The Tim Tam range includes a wide variety of flavours and fillings, there’s even a gluten free version. But only three so far are set to sell in UK shops: Original, Dark and Chewy Caramel.

Each will retail at £2.50 and have already landed in Waitrose and M&S. Further listings are yet to be confirmed.

Tim Tam Slam!

It’s all slam dunk for the Tim Tam, but is the nation prepared to dunk their biscuits the Aussie way, the right way, in a ritual know as the Tim Tam Slam?

To do this correctly, you must bite off two opposing corners of the biscuit, which will create your chocolate straw. Through this, slurp up your hot beverage and it will mix with the filling to sweeten your drink. Then you eat what remains in the usual, boring way.

The structural integrity of a Tim Tam, maybe even a Penguin biscuit, makes this all surprisingly possible. You have to be fast though, before everything melts – that’s key! It’s not called a slam for nothing.

If you’re still confused, this very amusing wikiHow guide explains it all step by step and with pictures

Most Australians will insist that slamming is only way to eat a Tim Tam. Should you refuse, you’re only denying yourself immeasurable joy.

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