SPONSORED: The stats that show just how important cats are in our lives

Owner's hand tickling a cat.

We all know that cats make homes happier. But did you know just how much that cat bond means to their owners across the UK?

The Cats Protection annual Cats and Their Stats (CATS) Report surveys owners across the country. The latest findings show that, far from just being a household pet, cats in fact play a vital role in our wellbeing.

The report paints a picture of a close, loving relationship from which both humans and their cats benefit.

The importance of the cat bond to our wellbeing in the UK

Cat playing in a garden

A playful nature is just one of the benefits of cats which helps create a bond with their owner.

The report found that personal wellbeing was a key motivation for cat ownership. It noted that owners felt having a cat helped with their stress levels, feelings of loneliness and general happiness.

For the young and women in particular, cats were a key driver in their desire just to get on with life.

The results included:

  • Companionship, reducing loneliness and cutting stress were collectively the top reasons for owning a cat (55%) for the fourth consecutive year (up from 51% in 2022)
  • 21% of owners said the main reason for having a cat in their life is to help them feel less stressed
  • 73% of owners said having a cat brought them joy
  • 45% of cat owners said their cat gave them something to get up for in the morning. The statistic was higher for 18 to 34-year-olds and female owners, both at 50%

Not just a pet, but a part of the family

Two beautiful moggies together as an example of the benefits of cats in our lives.

Cats are affectionate and trusting companions in our lives.

The report also detailed how central cats are to their owners’ lives.

It found that 92% of cat owners said they consider their cat part of the family, clearly demonstrating the importance of the human-cat bond in the UK.

In addition, almost half (45%) of cat owners also had children living in the household, with the majority of them being under 10 years old. The report pointed out that the benefits of cat ownership are well documented in children, including increased confidence and improved social-emotional development.

Other findings included:

  • 57% said they hate leaving their cat when they go away
  • 48% admitted to enjoying spoiling their cat
  • 44% claimed to talk about their cat a lot
  • 42% thought about their cat a lot when they weren’t with them
  • 38% said they put their cat’s needs before their own

Make a better life for cats with a gift in your Will

Tortoiseshell moggy lying on its back, showing the benefits of cats.

A gift in your Will can bring huge benefits to cats across the UK.

Cats Protection champions the UK’s population of around 11 million owned cats. It’s been advocating for the rights of cats for just under a century now.

The charity aims to help people better understand cats. Indeed, it is passionate about making a better life for cats, because life is better with cats.

If you’re looking for a way to help Cats Protection, then a gift in your Will could help the charity improve the lives of even more cats and kittens for years to come.

These special gifts fund nearly half of everything the charity does. No matter how large or small, they make a real difference.

As one supporter who left a gift in their Will to Cats Protection puts it: “The world would be a poorer place with no cats. They are beautiful, enchanting and a delight to see.”

To find out more about how gifts in Wills help the work of the charity and for other ways to donate, visit the Cats Protection website, email giftsinwills@cats.org.uk or call 01825 741 271.