Celebrity Model Railway Enthusiasts

Model Railway Enthusiast Pete Waterman Standing In Front of Model Railway

There are many celebrity model railway enthusiasts, with one even holding a world record! Pete Waterman, along with his team of rail enthusiasts known as the Railnuts, have recently broken a record by constructing the world’s largest mobile model railway.

Pete Waterman may be famous for his career in the music industry, but it’s his passion for model railways that has seen him achieve a recent world record.

Working alongside other model rail enthusiasts, they’ve created an incredible display that spans nearly 1 kilometer (or 3,280 feet) of track and shows the intricate details of the West Coast Main Line between Rugby and Watford Junction.

Pete Waterman is delighted with his group’s achievements.

At 999.9 metres of track we are the longest portable model railway in the world.

Shown at the NEC in Birmingham during the Model World Live event, this mammoth model railway project is a testament to Waterman’s passion for railways and dedication to the hobby.

Made up of carefully crafted 8-foot sections, the layout showcases a scale model measuring 208 feet by 14 feet. It includes a four-track main line and even offers the option for trains to pass through Milton Keynes Central.

Detailed Replica Of Train Station

Detailed replica | Pic: Marc Webber

After thorough inspection from Guinness World Records’ adjudicators, who meticulously measured and examined every aspect of the model railway, it was officially certified as the longest portable model railway in the world.

Waterman explained,

When Guinness Book of Records announced that they had certified it – the place went crazy, people were cheering and shouting it was fantastic

Going forward, Waterman and his team have ambitious plans for the future, with intentions to further showcase their masterpiece at Chester Cathedral and return to the NEC next year. While they may have reached the pinnacle of size with this project, Waterman remains optimistic about setting new records and continuing to inspire fellow model railway enthusiasts worldwide.

It seems that Waterman is not alone in his love for model railways, with several celebrity enthusiasts also enjoying this surprising hobby.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart's Model Railway

Railway Modeller Cover Image | Pic: Steve Crise

The rock legend is a huge model train enthusiast and has spent over 25 years working on a large scale, intricate model railway city. “Grand Street And Three Rivers City” is a 124-foot long recreation of a 1940s American city. His outstanding display has even featured on the cover of popular magazine “Railway Modeller”.

Jools Holland

Jools Holland's Model Railway During Twilight Hours

Jools Holland’s Model Railway | Pic: Railway Modeller

In the early 2000’s Rod Stewart met Jools Holland, where they shared a love for model railroading. The singer encouraged Holland to expand his model, which now stretches around the walls of a 42 by 12 foot room and features interior lighting throughout his layout.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks | Pic: Shutterstock

Tom Hanks, the beloved Hollywood actor, is known to have a passion for model railways. His enthusiasm for this hobby encouraged him to take on the role of the conductor in the 2004 film, “The Polar Express”. With a dedicated workspace at home, Hanks is currently crafting a layout inspired by a Freelanced Southern Pacific Line.

Elton John

Elton John

Elton John | Pic: Shutterstock

Rumour has it that Sir Elton John is not only a legendary musician, but also a devoted model rail enthusiast. He reportedly has a miniature railway running through his back garden.

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