The Factory Girls – Episode 43

Dana stared in dismay at the articles Helen had laid out on the cafeteria tables. There were plenty of people, it seemed, championing both them and manufacturing generally. But the message from Xion was loud and clear Cardill’s was still closing.“We’ve been out-manoeuvred,” she said.“By miles,” Helen agreed. She sighed. “Honestly, Dana, I feel so stupid. What were we thinking? A few bright T-shirts and clumsy interviews were never going to shift a huge corporation like Xion. They tread on companies like Cardill’s every day; they’re experts at it!”Dana stuck out her bottom lip.“Well, at least we went down fighting.”“The end result’s the same, though,” Helen said. “What will you do, Dana? Will you work for your brothers?”“I could, I guess, but I don’t want to be a receptionist. Besides, their current girl does a good job, so why should she be kicked out for me? That would be as bad as what Xion have done to us.”“Shop assistant in the new retail park, then?” “Maybe. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?”“Are there any other options?” Helen asked.Dana shifted guiltily and glanced at her bag. Her latest assignment was lurking inside. It had come back in the post yesterday with a beautiful red “A” on the bottom. She’d been over the moon! At least, she had until she saw the newspapers.“Dana?” Helen persisted.Dana looked anxiously around her. The other girls seemed to have tired of criticising themselves in the photos, and had retreated into the pseudo-comfort of celebrity magazines, where all was fake-tan and air-brushed sweetness.“Have you thought about retraining?” she muttered.Helen frowned.“What, going back to school? You’re joking! I was thick first time round; I’d be useless now that the kids have addled what brains I ever had!”Dana laughed.“Nonsense, Helen. Besides, it doesn’t have to be academic stuff. There are courses on all sorts now hairdressing; flower arranging; childcare . . .”“Childcare? I learned that one on the job, thank you. How do you know about all this stuff, anyway?”“Just, you know, around. But Helen, listen.” A germ of an idea was forming. “What is your biggest problem with going out to work?”Helen looked at her as if she was mad, but then Dana saw comprehension dawning.“Childcare.”“Exactly. Why not turn Cardill’s into a nursery? If there is going to be a retail park then there will be a huge call for it for the staff, and probably the shoppers, too.”“That’s true. We could charge an hourly rate. Mums could drop their kids off to play, and let them shop in peace. It’s a fantastic idea, Dana!”


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