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"A Time To Reap"

In this wonderful serial by Kate Blackadder, set in the 1960’s, Elizabeth’s family has farmed in the same area for many years, so it seems only natural she would follow in their footsteps . . .

"The Mystery of Anna Grace"

It was a new start for Charlie, and she was soon to discover there was more to the hotel than met the eye . . .

"Alfred's Emporium"

Rose arrived at Cross Roads House to begin her new position, unsure of what the future held . . .

"11 Ladysmile Lane"

A young woman embarks on an exciting business venture in this delightful story by Val Bonsall.

"The Glens Of Stone"

'Roy Stewart’s compelling story is set in Scotland in the 18th century. For Kirsty and her father, the opening of a new Mission in the capital was a dream come true . . .

"The Wooden Heart"

Now that Ash has graduated from college, she and her father are considering their future . . .

"The Dividing Tide"

This historical saga, set in a Cornish fishing town, explores the choices we face when it comes to what is best for ourselves and our loved ones . . .

"The Wedding Quilt"

Set in Canada in the 1920s, this saga sees three thousand miles separate two families. And both the Burkes and Clarks have problems to face . . .

"Danger In Havana"

This fast-paced thriller follows a recently widowed woman and her daughter holidaying in Havana. Is the deceased man's shady past to blame when his daughter goes missing?

"Northern Lights"

This gripping family drama by Betty McInnes is set in Arbroath in 1806.

"The Life We Choose"

Neilla Martin sets her enthralling new story in Central Scotland at the end of the 19th century.

"Murder At Muirfield"

Hannah has taken up a maid’s position at Muirfield Hall. She soon discovers her job became available because one of the previous maids was found murdered. Was she disposed of because she knew everyone's secrets?

"Echoes From The Past"

This dramatic, dual-period story by Joyce Begg is set in Stirling, in both 2014 and 1314.

"Under The Streets Of London"

The new underground railway would make a difference to many people, from all kinds of backgrounds. Find out more in Joanna Barnden’s exciting new serial set in the 1860s . . .

"At Bowerly Hall"

This gripping tale is by Carol MacLean

"A Croatian Adventure"

This exciting serial by Cara Cooper takes place in Croatia.

"Far From The Island"

This exciting new story by Josephine Allen is set in Scotland at the turn of the 20th century.