Soothing And Relieving Dry Skin

Cropped image of a young woman putting moisturizer onto her finger for dry skin

Everyone’s skin becomes thinner and drier with age, and dry skin tends to be rough and itchy. Here are some top tips to keep your skin feeling fresh.

  1. Dry skin can be made worse by bathing or washing too often, especially in hot water.
  2. Try adding emollient to your bath water. It “clings” to skin, so remember to pat dry and not rub it off.
  3. Keep nails short, or rub itchy skin with your fingers, as scratching may break the surface and cause infection.
  4. Moisturiser can be used to soothe an itch. Try keeping it in the fridge as the coolness is soothing.
  5. Speak to your GP or pharmacist if dry skin persists. Some medications can cause skin irritation or itching.

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