Willie’s View: To The Airlie Monument

This week, our travel writer, Willie Shand takes us to the Airlie Monument!

One of my favourite spots for the autumn, and I have several, is Cortachy just north of Kirriemuir and near the foot of Glen Clova. In early November, the colourful display above the River South Esk and around Cortachy Castle can be quite stunning. More often than not you’ll have the place to yourself, too.

Today, I thought I’d extend my riverside walk with a climb to the Airlie Monument. It stands on the top of 1269 feet high Tulloch Hill between the entrances to Glens Clova and Prosen and makes a prominent landmark from a fair distance away.

From the colours of the mixed woods that line the riverside to the open heathery hillside with far-reaching views over the Angus Glens and the Grampians, it was great to just sit beneath the tower and listen to the only sound breaking the silence – a skein of cackling geese flying past on their way to the coast.

I’ve often driven into Glen Clova vowing to one day take a closer look at the monument and this seemed the ideal day to do just that.


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Willie Shand