Scottish Knitters Needed!

knitted poppy

It’s not often we have a chance to appeal for such a project and we couldn’t resist for this wonderful giant commemorative Poppy!

SCOTTISH knitters and crocheters are being asked to take part in a 2018 knitting project, to create a 13ft commemorative poppy to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Specialist workshops will be set up at the Scottish Creative Craft Show and will be led by Knitting fanatics, Grans On The Make.  To take part simply buy a ticket and head along to one of the workshops.

The Scottish Creative Craft Show is taking place alongside The Scottish Quilting Show at the SEC from 8 – 11 March, and tickets are available online by clicking here. 

Many Hands working together.

Each participant will be asked to knit or crochet a four-inch square section which will form part of the final poppy, which will be pieced together during 2018 and revealed at The Creative Craft Show, Birmingham in November. Volunteer knitters are also asked to bring along knitting needles and red, black or green wool.

When complete the poppy will be made up of 1,568 sections, representing the number of days of the war. Participants can also provide a short story, memory or name to be displayed on the stand and dedicated to those lost in the First World War. 

ICHF show organiser, Jodie Firmin, said: “This is a lovely opportunity for Scottish knitters and crocheters to use their skills for a lovely project and be part of a special commemorative creation to mark 100 years since the First World War. People with all knitting abilities are welcome to have a go and be part of this national centenary feature which will be created by crafters across the UK at our shows in Manchester, Exeter and London and Birmingham.”

Get your tickets here.

To book tickets for this event, go to the website and follow the on-screen instructions. Please do let us know if you attend and feel free to send in any photos of your handiwork.

Grans on The Make is a nonprofit group of knitting enthusiasts. Have a look at their Grans on the Make facebook page by clicking here.  They share tips and advice ahead of the event.



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