Hats off to the great work of these inspiring women

inspiring women

Here at the “Friend”, we love to feature inspiring people – the sort of folk who go out of their way to help others, and in our April 14 issue we put the spotlight on a few ladies who go the extra mile to help others.

Sal’s Shoes is the charity set up by C.J. Bowry – the aim is simple, to match up shoes with children who need them. To date, more than 600,000 pairs of shoes have gone to 35 countries around the world. Who would have known how valuable a pair of shoes could be? From preventing infection through to being mandatory if you want to attend school, the charity is making a huge difference to children’s lives.

From here to China

We also feature another heart-warming story. That of Linda Grieve who helps raise funds for orphans in China. It was actually Linda’s own daughter, Rachel, who first inspired her to get involved!

Linda’s latest challenge, along with team mates and friends, Linda Long and Kati Simpson, set about, figuratively speaking, covering the distance of the Ming Dynasty section of the Great Wall of China by walking, running, swimming or cycling. Monies raised all go towards International China Concern (ICC).

You can read all about these women in “The People’s Friend” April 14 issue and if you know someone who has an inspiring story to tell, then please do get in touch with us and let us know – we’d love to hear from you.


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Yvonne McKenzie

Yvonne works on the Features team and admits to being nosy, so loves looking after the Between Friends letters and finding out all about our lovely readers. She also looks after our health copy and enjoys writing about inspiring people that help make the articles in the magazine so interesting.