Finding the Delights of an Audiobook

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Learn to relax and listen as an audiobook washes over you!

I have recently discovered the delights of audiobooks and couldn’t not share with you the happiness I feel listening to them. I have a fairly long daily commute, 3 hours in total from Edinburgh to Dundee, and an audiobook joins me every time.

After a very long stint listening to a certain radio DJ every morning, I craved something different and educational. My partner is a huge fan of audiobooks, and when we first met I thought it was quite cute and quirky of him. Surely the point of a book was to enjoy reading it, sitting in a comfortable chair, coffee by your side as you drift away to far and distant lands?

But as time went by and we sat side by side, I read while he listened, and I found myself edging closer to him and becoming more engaged with his story, than mine. This was genius I thought! Who doesn’t love being read to: Isn’t it a treat? He agreed it was and happily shared an earphone. It took me back to a few (!) years before.

Storytelling circle

As a child, as soon as I could read, I would read aloud to anyone who would listen. My family, in turn, humoured me or told me to “keep it down”. My teachers complimented me on my beautiful reading voice, and I was often allowed to read my stories out during the school assembly. I loved watching the audience being captivated by the characters and storylines.

So why was I so surprised to discover the joy of audiobooks? Why had it taken me so long? I do not know the answers to these questions, I’m afraid. But I do know that I am so glad I discovered audiobooks! My commute passes in a flash, all I have to do is concentrate on the roads, and other drivers. There, in the background, the soothing voices keep me entertained.

I’ve listened to some of my favourite books, like Sapiens, and “I, Partridge – We need to talk about Alan”, and even crossed to audio shows like Stephen Fry’s English Delight.,  However, a bigger revelation with audiobooks was yet to come – they are helping me overcome a fear!

Feet on the ground

I’m a nervous flyer, and where holidays do fill me with anticipation of the wonderful relaxing time ahead, they also fill me with dread! My flying anxiety goes on high alert as soon as holidays or travel is mentioned.  Any travel plans involve a stern talking to of myself, and an unenjoyable time spent at the airport terminal, biting my nails. I’m sure some of you are similar or have similar anxieties.

This year, as we prepare to go on holiday, my prep involves the audiobook ‘Flying with Confidence’, which I have to say is working well so far. I’ve even glimpsed myself happily sitting on my flight, excited and ready to enjoy my holiday! It’s quite the revelation, I must say. My morning and evening commute is full of the author’s calm voice, teaching me to breathe and remain calm.

Can you believe I am starting to enjoy the holiday process after many years? Audiobooks – they keep on giving!


Do you have a favourite book you prefer to listen to than read? Recommendations are welcomed.


I’m currently enjoying Amazon Audible which is offering quite the range of audiobooks to enjoy for a free 30 day trial.


Karlie Simmonds

Karlie has worked in Digital Media for over 10 years, she is passionate about health and wellbeing and lives in Edinburgh with her partner, children, and Pug, Poppy.