Stitch of the Week: Knit-Pearl Diagonal Stitch

the wool shop galashiels

It’s an exciting week for the “Friend”, with a new weekly “Stitch of the Week” from Naomi Harrod of “The Wool Shop” in Galashiels.

Difficulty: Easy


An impressive looking stitch that is wonderfully easy and quick to knit up. If you can knit rib stitch, you can knit this! Both back and front look great which makes it a perfect choice for blankets and dishcloths.

 the wool shop galashiels



St(s): stitch(es)

K: knit

P: purl


Cast on a multiple of 6 sts.


Row 1 and 3: *p2, k4; repeat from * to end

Row 2 and 4: *p4, k2; repeat from * to end

Row 5 and 7: k2, *p2, k4; repeat from * to last 4 sts, p2, k2

Row 6 and 8: p2, *k2, p4; repeat from * to last 4 sts, k2, p2

Row 9 and 11: *k4, p2; repeat from * to end

Row 10 and 12: *k2, p4; repeat from * to end


Repeat row 1 -12


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Guest Contributor