Music On The Streets

It seemed like a fab idea – leaving pianos in public places to encourage folk to bond over music.

When I first read about Street Pianos, I was desperate to do a feature on it, which I’m hoping you might have read in last week’s issue – June 30. The artist at the heart of the project was making a point about how we all move through cities without talking to each other, and how easy it was to change that and reconnect people.

It’s amazing how many folk know a little piano, even if from lessons when they were little, and how quickly people gather around when someone starts playing!

Mamma Mia

When I was in Sheffield train station recently, there were two pianos positioned just before you went in to the main bit. An older gentleman was tucked in over the keys, and I was trying to pick out what tunes he was playing. It was strange – it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite pick it out.

Finally I heard “Knowing Me, Knowing You” by Abba, but rearranged to sound classical. He was running through Abba’s songbook but making them sound like they’d been composed by Beethoven. Fabulous.

The best from around the world

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed last week’s feature, and here are some of the best performances from the Street Piano project around the world.


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