Washing line’s full, fridge is empty…

 …but all that’s about to change as Lucy’s children head back to Uni for the new term.


“Life is made of so many partings welded together.”

So said Charles Dickens in Great Expectations. And as September rolls around again, with a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings, it’s certainly ringing true for all of us who have children studying away from home.

All three of my older children have been home since the beginning of May, and it’s been great, despite the mountains of washing, and constant requests for takeaways and lifts everywhere – even though there’s a perfectly good bus service just along the road! But I don’t mind any of it really, because it’s brilliant having them around.

Three children aged under three

I remember having three children aged three and under and being advised to try to enjoy each phase because they pass so quickly. When life is a round of nappy changing and feeding, it’s just so busy! Then the kids head off to school, and life changes. And once school ends, another page turns, and a new chapter begins.

Good advice

I’m afraid I was a bit teary at the thought of the younger ones leaving, because they just seemed so – young! But a friend gave me great advice – keep in touch, and make a day or a weekend of going to visit them, so you can look forward to seeing them. Focus on the positives.

Moving On

As the new term starts, I’ve got mixed feelings, but I’m so happy they’re studying. We’re so lucky to live in this wonderful country, where girls and boys can attend Uni regardless of their personal or financial circumstances, and where opportunities are open to all. I’m wishing them, and everyone starting back at Uni, the best of luck in their studies.

When I became a mum for the first time, a friend gave me a pram locket which said, Together or apart, you’re always in my heart – which sums up how all the mums will be feeling right now.

On the plus side, maybe now I’ll be able to get hold of the remote!

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Lucy Crichton

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