Features Ed Book Review: North Coast Journey

I’m a big fan of armchair tourism. I’m quite happy to enjoy the escapades of others whilst in front of the fire with a cup of tea.

At home, we’ve got a fairly substantial collection of books on must-do road trips, obscure tourist attractions and novels about explorers and adventurers doing amazing things. It’s also the same reason that I – and lots of you, by the look of it – enjoy our video blogs from Willie Shand on Facebook.

Over 90% of the things I read about I have no intention of doing! Brigid Benson’s new book about travelling in northern Scotland, though, is something many of us might well do, although this handbook to the Highland roads would be just as lovely a read for anyone who has travelled them a long time ago, or who just enjoys reading about the Scottish countryside.

Loosely based on the now-famous North Coast 500, an iconic drive around the highlights of the Highlands, Brigid’s book explores the region even more intensively. Not content to just zip around it, she takes a few detours along the way to remote villages and towns.

Brigid recommends 10 days at least to slow right down and allow enough time to relax. It’s hard to absorb a place when you’ve only minutes to take it in, and knowing Scotland’s weather you might run the risk of not seeing it at all if you can’t afford to wait for the rain to pass!

Full of insights into the history of the places you would pass through, you get a real sense of the past and present of the Highlands – and it’s full of stunning photographs to accompany it.

Highly recommended for all would-be or armchair visitors to the northern Highlands! RRP £16.99



Alex Corlett

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