Life-changing Alaskan Adventure

Work Sites So Remote Transport Was By Kayak!

When Liz Flory headed from her native Scotland to take up a job in Glacier Bay National Park Alaska, little did she know that 25 years on, that sparsely populated state would now be regarded as home.

Studying ecology took her to areas so remote she had to use a snow machine and kayak to reach work sites! And when she first moved there, her nearest neighbour lived 25 miles from her camp (by boat!) – he turned out to be the love of her life and the man she was to marry.

Talk about life-changing events!

A garden visitor!

Close Encounters Of The Wild Kind

“Life in Alaska is never dull,” Liz says, and she’s still as captivated by its wild beauty today as she was all those years ago.

Due to the fact Liz and her husband live close to salmon streams, it’s not unusual for wild bears to visit her garden and she’s had more than a few encounters in her time.

“My favourite thing about living in Juneau is all the wildlife we can enjoy. We can even see humpback whales and orca from the shore.”

You can find out all about Liz’s adventures in “The People’s Friend Special 164”, which is on sale from October 3. It even includes a handy pocket-size diary.


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