A Bit Of Time Offline

I know not all of us have the internet, and not all of us like to use it, but I know that for me being on it is sometimes more habit than pleasure.

Sometimes I read magazines on there, sometimes it’s about checking out the news, but most of it is entirely forgettable time spent browsing stuff I probably won’t buy. Which is bizarre enough on its own, but then when you consider that for at least half of that time the TV is also on in the background, it’s mad. Second screening, they call it.

It seems weird to get nostalgic about the days when you just watched TV without trying to do something else at the same time, but at least in those days TV used to be a family activity, like playing Monopoly. Everyone was sharing the same experience. And on Sundays, my parents might even let us eat crumpets in the living room while “Last Of The Summer Wine” was on.

Thing is that where we live now (a mere 1.5 miles outside of the nearest town) the internet is just awful, and it’s been broken for the last week. And I don’t really mind. Sure, it’s a nuisance not being able to check the weather or whether the Tay Road Bridge is open, but I’ve been going to bed earlier and cooking from scratch more.

I’m sure it’ll eventually get fixed, but I’ve half a mind to turn it off every once in a while just to remind myself how much else there is worth doing. The pic above was from a mountain hut up here in Scotland.

Maybe it’ll be one of my 2019 resolutions. I’m also dabbling with having a flightless 2019 – apparently someone in Finland started a campaign to encourage people not to fly anywhere for a whole year, which sounds like a good plan.

Although I only found out about that by poking about on social media!

Alex Corlett

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