Writing Prompt Story Starter: Brick Corridor

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Fiction Ed Shirley’s latest Writing Prompt Story Starter reminds her of a TV hero. How about you?

For some reason this corridor made me think of Jack Bauer. Remember 24? I could imagine him running along, flattening himself against the wall, whispering into his wrist, asking Chloe for the schematics and telling her he was at the south-east corner.

What was I doing here? Well, actually I’m a secret agent in my spare time . . .

No? OK. Well, our Illustrations Editor, Sarah, is a super talented artist, as you know, and over the last couple of weeks she’s been working on a super special project.

In 2016, we had the Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail, when 70 individually designed Oor Wullies were placed around Dundee (and toured the local area). They were really popular, and made a fabulous £883,000 for the Archie Foundation when they were auctioned off afterwards.

Then, in 2018, we had Maggie’s Penguin Parade, which raised £540,000 for Maggie’s Dundee.

New Trail

So, we’ve a new trail for 2019: Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail. This time, 200 differently decorated models will form a trail across the country’s five major cities. In September, they’ll be auctioned off for a trio of children’s hospital charities, including the Archie Foundation.

Our Sarah was one of the artists chosen to decorate a statue. She’s just finished it, and the Friend team were allowed to go visit her workspace for a sneak peek before they’re all revealed and distributed.

Her workspace was an empty unit in a shopping centre near the office, and for some reason we had to go in the back way, through this maze of corridors.

It was there I had my Jack Bauer vision, but sadly none of his navigation skills. I’d have needed a ball of string to find my way out alone!

Now, does any of that prompt a story idea? Over to you.

P.S. Sarah’s statue is, of course, brilliant, by the way. Here’s a wee look:

We’re not allowed to show you the full thing yet, but we will!

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Shirley Blair

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