What Do You Call Your Evening Meal?

evening meal

A debate has been raging over on our Facebook page recently: what to call your evening meal.

We put the question out there, and received lots and lots of responses!

Some people say dinner. For others, it’s supper. For many, like me, the evening meal is your tea.

It can, somewhat confusingly, be accompanied by a cup of tea. But I prefer my cuppa after I’ve eaten!

Whatever you call it, the main meal of the day needs to be tasty and satisfying. Something that’s ready quite quickly is also good, as I’m always ravenous after a day at work.

But I do try to cook “real” meals from scratch instead of relying on convenience foods.

A recipe from the “Friend”

This week I decided to try a recipe from our February 29 issue. I love trying new recipes, and have made many meals from the “Friend” over the years.

This one caught my eye when we ran through the dummy of this issue at our regular Monday meeting.

Souffle omelette with artichokes, peas and asparagus sounded right up my street.

If you haven’t made a souffle omelette before, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Instead of beating the eggs together, you separate them and whisk the egg whites before folding in the yolks. You finish it off under a hot grill to get an airy, fluffy texture.

It transforms a simple omelette into a luxurious treat, and takes very little time to do.

In this recipe, the souffle omelette is filled with peas, asparagus, artichoke hearts and Gruyere cheese.

Believe me, it’s a winning combination!

And it was ready to eat just 10 minutes after I started assembling the ingredients from the fridge.

That’s my kind of tea!

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Angela Gilchrist

Angela is Former Editor-in-Chief of “The People’s Friend” magazine. Her passions include cats, Highland ponies, good books, vegetarian food and long walks in the Scottish countryside. Her favourite place to get away from it all is the magical Isle of Skye.