The Best Things About Ageing

the best things about ageing

All too often we focus on the negative aspects of ageing. But a recent study has found a lot to be thankful for when we reach our more mature years.

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that the number of over-85s in the UK is set to increase from 1.6 million in 2018 to a projected 3 million by 2043.

So, perhaps the time has come to celebrate ageing and the benefits it brings. But what are the positives?

Well, handcrafted furniture maker HSL commissioned a survey of 2,000 over-50 year olds in the UK, to discover perceptions of age.

But more importantly, the survey aimed to discover the best things about ageing.

The top five results from the survey were:

1.  Life experience
2. Being comfortable in your own skin
3. Having a greater sense of gratitude for the smaller things in life
4.  Independence and freedom
5.  Learning to let things go

Julie Jennings. Picture courtesy of HSL.

Maintaining a healthy and happy mindset

Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC, an independent occupational therapist, has some tips on how to maintain a healthy and happy mind-set as we get older. She advises:

  1. Keep active. Incorporating 30–60 minutes of moderate exercise into your daily routine can reap significant rewards. It can improve mind-set, boost your immune system, reduce stress, and assist in developing healthy sleep habits.
  2. It’s important to have a regular exercise plan that includes an element of cardio-vascular exercise (for heart and lung function), strengthening (to assist bone density) and flexibility (for joint range of motion and movement).
  3. Don’t neglect your mind. Try new hobbies and learn new skills. This keeps you current and encourages making new friends.
  4. Enjoy everything, but in moderation. Having balance is key.
  5. Control what you can, plan as much for the inevitable, but enjoy today!

More about the study can be found at

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