We Interrupt This Broadcast: The Best Lockdown Videos

lockdown videos

One good thing to come from the ongoing coronavirus restrictions is the number of great lockdown videos we’re seeing.

Usually of otherwise professional people besieged by their pets!

As I found out recently, it’s a real danger . . .

Regular readers will know that we have the Features team meeting every Tuesday, where we chat to Editor Angela about our ideas for upcoming issues.

Internet meetings have been a godsend for us as we work at home, but they’ve been a little bit harder since our son was born.

I hadn’t reckoned on our free-roaming chickens

When we started on Tuesday, I thought all I had to worry about was him starting to cry (which he did).

But I hadn’t reckoned on our free-roaming chickens.

They came up mid-meeting to the open patio doors and began clucking loudly as I tried to pitch my ideas!

I rather like this breakdown between professional and personal life.

We’ve seen Angela’s cats more times than I can count during the meetings, where they love to walk back and forth in front of the screen. And we’ve all seen journalists and celebs talking from home with their pets and family around.

Here are some of my favourite home-made TV moments from the last few months:

Comedian Jimmy Fallon has been broadcasting his daily “Tonight Show” from home, and everyone agrees that the real stars of the show have been his two daughters, who have been getting in on the action.

Of course, there’s the pioneering child who started this whole craze — back on the BBC about three years ago:

And it’s a dog in need of attention that interrupts this patient weatherman:

It’ll be hard to go back to straight-faced journalism after all these wonderful impromptu moments.

And in a way, I hope we don’t! It’s lovely to see work and home mix, and I think it makes us all feel a bit more connected to each other.

What have been your favourite lockdown videos?

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