Writer of the Week: Lily Christie

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This week, “Friend” poet Lily Christie is our Writer Of The Week.

Her poem, “Sun Ray Filigree”, features in our July 8 Special.

Here she shares her writer’s journey and future plans with us.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

As soon as I could write! I’ve been writing poems and short stories since the age of seven and I still love it.

What motivated you to submit your poetry to the “Friend”? Can you remember how it felt to have your first poem accepted?

Poems in the “Friend” are exactly the sort that I enjoy reading and writing, so I knew straight away it was a publication I wanted to submit to.

I was thrilled when my first poem was accepted. There’s something special about being published in a magazine with such a large and loyal readership.

As well as poetry, do you write in any other formats? What appeals to you about poetry?

At the moment I mostly write poetry, but I occasionally write short stories, too.

I love the way that poetry can describe a scene or evoke a feeling in just a few well-chosen words. I’ve always preferred to read and write rhyming verse.

It can be challenging to write poetry, as it limits the number of words that can be used. But that makes it all the more satisfying when I achieve the rhyme and rhythm that I’m after.

What are your writing goals and ambitions?

I love writing poetry so will always keep that up.

Once my eldest has started at university this September, I plan to continue with a book that I began three years ago. I only worked on it for a few months but then decided to stop as I wasn’t writing consistently which disrupted the flow.

I am expecting, perhaps foolishly, that I will have more free time to concentrate on my writing from September.

Notebook and pencil, or laptop? Kitchen table, or study? Blank wall, or inspiring view?

All the above!

Ideally, I jot down key words and ideas in a notebook first, then type straight on to my laptop.

Although when editing I need the poem printed out and I hand write the changes. It all gets too messy if I try to edit a handwritten version.

Luckily, I can write almost anywhere — poems have been written in the kitchen, in the study, on the sofa, in bed or straight on to my phone in the car while waiting to collect my children.

I definitely prefer to write with an inspiring view, but if there is none available, a photo or an image in my head will do.

And a P.S. – What’s your top tip for an aspiring Writer Of The Week?

Write the sort of thing that you like to read. It makes the whole process of writing so much more enjoyable, and you can better judge the quality of your work.

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