The Benefits Of Living Rurally

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Although the “Friend” is based in Dundee, a good few members of the team live a bit more rurally than Scotland’s sunniest city.

Commuting to a centre somewhere for work is, of course, quite common. But while living in the countryside is most popular with the older generation, younger people are searching more and more for the perfect place to live the good life.

And with the coronavirus pandemic showing that many companies can support a remote workforce, they may now have the opportunity.

So what are the benefits to living rurally?


According to Public Health England, people living in rural areas have better health and a higher life expectancy on average.

This could be because of many factors, including reduced stress levels.

Noise pollution, for example, is lessened for those living rurally. Being out of the daily hustle and bustle you can expect in a busy city location can make life more relaxing.

A nationwide study commissioned by Yopa, a full-service estate agents, found that those living in a rural location were more likely to get along with their neighbours too.


The same Yopa study revealed that people living in urban surroundings were more anxious about their children having safe play areas (21 per cent of those in urban area were anxious, compared to 17 per cent of rural dwellers).

It also found that urban livers were more worried about crime.

On average, crime rates are lower in rural areas, at least partially lessening some of these worries.


Living remotely allows you to be fully (or semi) self-sufficient.

While it is possible to grow your own food in any home, the larger space available in most rural locations gives you a lot more scope to do so.

Of course, self sufficiency isn’t all about what you grow. How you deal with fuel and energy consumption is important, too.

Off-grid gas such as LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a great option for those looking to live off the beaten path.

LPG is a reliable, efficient, and affordable fuel which can be stored in bulk above ground or underground tanks, or handy cylinders for those with space at a premium.

Plus, it produces lower carbon emissions than any other conventional fossil fuel!


Naturally, with more space and a less dense population comes more privacy!

Sometimes all you want is a little peace and quiet . . . with no one looking through your window!

The surroundings

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of living rurally is the beautiful natural surroundings.

Who wouldn’t want to look out at a view like the one above every morning!

Much better than a block of flats . . .

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Iain McDonald

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