Christmas Through A Child’s Eyes

Shutterstock / Yuganov Konstantin © christmas

There’s something about seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes that brings back all that festive magic from your own childhood.

My daughter, Isla, is thirteen months old. This is not her first Christmas, but this year she’s a bit more aware of what’s going on.


Photograph by Lisa Crow.

Santa still isn’t on her radar but the twinkling lights on the tree have certainly caught her attention.

Our Jack-in-the-box style Tigger, with his variety of catchphrases is also a new favourite!

We’re going to spend the rest of December making sure she doesn’t get her wee fingers trapped!


Photograph by Lisa Crow.

Normally we decorate our tree with gold and purple baubles but, alas, they never saw the light of day this year.

Broken glass not something we want to risk around a baby who is keen to explore everything at the minute . . .

We’ve also put fewer decorations and lights at the bottom of the tree to deter curious little fingers from pulling at them.

All the decorations have to be cuddly

For now, the decorations all have to be plastic or cuddly, like the Rudolph toy Isla loves to snuggle.


Photograph by Lisa Crow.

A new tradition was started last year with us reading Isla her personalised “The Night Before Christmas” book. Perhaps this year we’ll get to the end without her falling asleep and snoring!

One thing that can be guaranteed is that she will enjoy playing with the many cardboard boxes that will inevitably find their way into her hands.

When even a simple box can fascinate a child, it’s hard not to find yourself enchanted by Christmas all over again.

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