Abbie Wades Into The Great Snow Debate

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Snow. It’s beautiful, but it can also be a bit of a pest, can’t it?

I’ve always firmly been in the “snow is wonderful” camp. But this year I’m starting to see the other side’s point of view.

On the one hand, I don’t have to go anywhere this year . . . so it’s the best year to enjoy the snow for what it is.

Is there a better excuse for staying inside and indulging with hot chocolate and a book?

On the other hand, because I’m not going anywhere except the supermarket, my car now struggles to start due to the cold and disuse. My poor car!

Of course, it was magical when it first appeared overnight. Looking out of the window with bleary eyes and doing a double take . . . is that really snow?

Winter wonderland walks are hard to beat.

And I do love the crisp, clear air on my face.

Photograph by Abbie Phillips.

But three weeks later and the stuff hasn’t melted away.

It’s now been churned into ice by the many feet travelling up and down the pavements, making it more difficult to get out.

We’ve been sliding and gliding along our walks recently.

Maybe I need to invest in some snow clamps, or just go the whole way and buy some ice skates!

Now, instead of feeling excitement when the forecast displays that little cloud with snowflakes, I think “oh no, not again! The last stuff hasn’t even gone away!”

And yet, when it does start to fall as predicted (or not predicted), it looks so serene that I can’t help but feel at peace, too.

So while it may try its best to make me grumble, it can’t quite shake off its sparkle.

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