“Love And Pride” On Our Story Podcast


The latest episode of “Reading Between The Lines”, our story podcast, features a story called “Love And Pride”.

Written by an author named Rachel Monroe all the way back in 1927, it’s a society story with a strong moral tone to it.

Have a listen to a snippet of our conversation below:


As you’ll hear, the panel (Digital Ed Iain, Production Ed Judey, Abbie from the Fiction team and Barry from the DC Thomson Archives) aren’t exactly big fans . . .

While we’ve uncovered plenty of gems for the podcast, it’s clear that some of the stories haven’t aged terribly well.

But that’s not to say that they weren’t popular or well-received in their day. Nor is it the case that they can be considered “badly written” per se. It could be, as with “Love And Pride”, that a modern audience simply isn’t used to reading stories of this type.

The story does, however, spark an interesting (and lively!) conversation, and it’s one we hope you’ll enjoy.

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Look familiar?

The eagle-eared among you will notice that we have shared this story before, in our Fiction Newsletter.

Our very own Manon created the above illustration especially for it. It’s hard to think of the characters looking any other way now!

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