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We’re all big fans of the radio here at “The People’s Friend”.

Radio shows aren’t just a great way to hear new music (and old music!), they can also be a great comfort — and company, in these trying times.

Here, we’re turning the spotlight on some stations close to our heart: DC Thomson Media’s Pure Radio, Original 106 and Kingdom FM.

The move onto the airwaves is a relatively new one for the company. And it’s actually new for Pure Radio, too – while Original 106 and Kingdom FM have been around for a while, Pure only started life in 2019!

Radio may not seem like the perfect fit for the home of magazines like “The People’s Friend”. But we certainly understand why an exciting opportunity to reach an even broader audience was too good to pass up.

That’s why we started our story podcast “Reading Between The Lines” after all!

The audience

Like most radio stations, these three have plenty of loyal local listeners.

But that’s not all they have . . .

Thanks to the power of the internet – and newer technologies like smart phones and smart speakers – they are collectively able to reach more than 155,000 listeners every single week. And that’s not just in Scotland. That’s all over the world.

With recent research suggesting that more and more people are using the internet to tune in to their favourite shows, the future is looking bright. We’ll certainly be listening.

Listen here!

If you’re keen to find something new to listen to on the commute to work (post-COVID, of course), or a new voice to wake up with in the morning, these are the stations we would recommend.

They’re also great for those just looking to hear a Scottish voice!

Click here to listen to Pure Radio online. You can also download the Pure Radio app for Android and Apple devices.

Click here to listen to Original 106. You can also download the Original 106 app for Android and Apple devices.

Click here to listen to Kingdom FM. You can also download the Kingdom FM app for Android and Apple devices.

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Iain McDonald

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