“A Royal History Of England”

royal history of england

Paul James’s series, “A Royal History Of England”, started in “This England” magazine 14 years ago, and finished this spring.

Now, our colleagues over there have just launched a 444-page book bringing together all 56 parts.

The feature series has been a constant source of pleasure and interest to thousands of readers over the years.

It tells the thrilling story of the 62 Kings and Queens, from Egbert — crowned the First King of the English in 828 — to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Every monarch has been at the very heart of English history, and each chapter tells the individual story of their lives. Stories that are brimming with conflict, triumphs, disasters and high drama.

Paul James writes in an accessible style, full of anecdotes, which bring 1200 years of English history vividly to life.

“This England” magazine

Critics have called “This England” magazine “as refreshing as a cup of tea”, and “Britain’s loveliest magazine since 1968”.

It’s the perfect quarterly magazine for anyone that loves this green and pleasant land.

It features articles about English history and lore, and celebrates some of England’s greatest achievements, innovations, and enterprises from the 20th century.

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