Edinburgh: A Capital Place

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I’ve always loved Edinburgh and it’s a regular destination for us.

Ever since I was a wee girl I’ve visited and it never loses its attraction.

There used to be a wax museum somewhere on the Royal Mile and I can remember descending the stairs to the “dungeon” and on the way you passed a wax model of Huggy Bear from “Starsky and Hutch”!

As the years moved on it was slightly different attractions that got my attention. There is just so much to do and see.

I’ve done walking tours, escape rooms, galleries, graveyards and museums! My husband even proposed to me in Edinburgh, so it’s very special indeed.

A joyful return

It was with great excitement my husband and I went back for an overnight last week.

This time we were staying in the Surgeon’s Quarter area of the city.

That’s where The Royal College Of Surgeon’s Institute has been since 1505. The Surgeons’ Hall Museums are housed together here and well worth a visit if you don’t mind a very medical offering.

It’s an absolute favourite of mine as it captures both science and history amazingly well.

The Greyfriars Kirkyard is in the heart of the city and it too is steeped in history.

It’s often reported that JK Rowling wandered around here to get names for some of her Harry Potter characters, in fact, there was a steady stream of people visiting the resting place of Tom Riddell, who went on to feature rather darkly as you-know-who in the books!

Time to unwind

If you fancy a cocktail then Panda and Sons on Queen Street is a must!

It looks like an old-fashioned barber shop from the outside and once you enter the magic continues! You go through a door which is a huge bookcase and then all there is to do is sit down and enjoy one of their impressive concoctions.

I’m already planning my next visit to Scotland’s capital city.

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Tracey Steel

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