An Evening With Tim Peake

tim peake

Astronaut Tim Peake is currently touring the UK entertaining and shocking us with his experiences and journey from ginger-haired youngster to ESA astronaut who had a six month stint on the ISS.

I saw him a few weeks ago. And I was transfixed. I had read his best-selling book “Limitless” and it was not only fascinating, but inspiring too.

A very affable Tim looked just as at home onstage as he did floating round the International Space Station in micro-gravity.

He started off by telling us about his failed attempts at flying his radio-controlled plane when he was a wee boy. Then about raising funds for a trip to Iceland by surprising means, joining the military, and not doing too well at all in his exams at school.

It was an interesting path to the Soyuz rocket that would eventually blast him into space.

A not so regular guy

Tim is the easiest-going and most likeable of chaps. But as his story unfolds, you realise there is a steely determination and amazing leadership behind that smile.

His description of the launch, journey and arrival at the ISS on December 15, 2015 leaves you in no doubt about the dangers that space travel throws at you. This has especially come to light after last week’s emergency procedures to avoid debris hitting the station.

He described life on board the ISS in great detail, including everyone’s first question . . . about the lavatory. Let’s just say you need to set aside a fair amount of time!

The ravages that six months in space takes on your body are rather alarming. And then there’s the trials of getting back to normal once you’re on Earth.

One thing he missed out on was the time he thought he was phoning his mum and dad from space, but dialled the wrong number!

A rather confused then sceptical lady couldn’t quite believe she had just has the most impressive long-distance phone call!

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