Lisa Is Honoured To Pay Tribute To A Family Member

Lisa's Papa War Medal

My papa passed away in 2001 and I didn’t start working for “The People’s Friend” until 2019, so I never expected to have an opportunity to write a blog about him here. However, he was recently awarded a war medal posthumously. It’s the perfect chance to pay tribute to a much-missed family member!

My aunt has recently been looking into our family tree, trying to glean as much information as possible about various people on our side of the family.

In doing so, it occurred to her that she had never seen any war medals belonging to my papa, her dad. My mum and uncle were none the wiser.

They contacted the Ministry of Defence, who confirmed that Papa, otherwise known as Bert – or Bertram – Stewart, had in fact been eligible to receive a war medal, acknowledging his service.

I’m glad I can pay tribute

Lisa pays tribute to a much-missed family member.

Photograph by Lisa Crow.

We are unsure why Papa didn’t collect his award, and sadly we’ll never be able to ask him! However, it’s lovely to have something that connects us as a family to him.

He ranked as a lance corporal, though I don’t think I knew that until I saw the documentation that arrived alongside his medal.

Now that we have his medal, it’s made me curious to know more. I wish I had asked him about his wartime experiences when I had the chance.

It’s now more than two decades since we lost Papa and we miss him now as much as ever. I wish he had still been alive to see his medal. However, I’m glad I can pay tribute to a much-missed family member here.

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