Benefits Of Eating Blackcurrants

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The benefits of eating blackcurrants is that you can boost your immune system the natural way.  

Recent studies by the James Hutton Institute have shown that a daily dose of blackcurrants could have significant health benefits. It’s great news with many of us now looking at ways to boost our immune systems and fend off colds etc.   

The most well-known health benefit of blackcurrants is that they contain large amounts of vitamin C. In fact, blackcurrants contain four times as much vitamin C as oranges, weight for weight. Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system to function, and extra vitamin C could give us more power to fight illness. 

Supports Our Immune Function

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. It cannot be made by the human body, and we must, therefore, eat foods that contain it. Because the body breaks down vitamin C very quickly and does not store very much, we need to consume vitamin C-containing foods regularly.  

It has not yet been proven whether or not vitamin C can prevent infections such as colds and flu. However, if you do catch a cold, vitamin C can help to reduce the symptoms. It can also speed up  recovery.  

Derek Stewart, Director of the Advanced Plant Growth Centre Head at The James Hutton Institute, advises:

“Vitamin C is an integral part of the body’s defence system, and it specifically supports our immune function. A good intake of vitamin C is a great preventative approach to ensure a healthy life. It’s easy, and indeed pleasurable, to do this by eating and drinking blackcurrant products.”

Some scientific studies suggest that white blood cells and vitamin C levels in the body decrease when you suffer from a cold. Therefore, taking extra vitamin C can prevent the fall in vitamin C levels. This suggests that the body may need a greater amount of vitamin C when fighting an infection. 

Blackcurrants Are A Powerhouse

Chair of The Blackcurrant Foundation, Jo Hilditch, comments: 

“Whether we are looking at ways to strengthen our immune system or look at building it back up in recovery, blackcurrants are a powerhouse to add to your diet.  

“British Blackcurrants can be found fresh from mid-July until the end of August. However, their health benefits can be reaped all year round. Find them in the form of blackcurrant juices, cordials, yoghurts and frozen fruit.”  

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