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on the menu

Alex finds a new use for technology when finding out what’s on the menu…

Well, according to my phone, I’m officially “popular”. I tend to take a few pics when I’m out and about, and if my phone asks me, I’ll often let it post them up to Google so other people can see what the place is like.

Recently, however, my pics have been doing quite well. I can only attribute this to one thing: food.

Phones can do a multitude of useful things these days. And whilst I do use my phone for more practical purposes, I find it so handy for taking snaps of menus or cake displays, so that I can go back to whoever’s at my table and help them choose before ordering.

I’ve started uploading those pics, too. It’s really rare for anywhere other than high-profile restaurants or takeaways to put their menus online. I don’t blame cafes or teashops at all, it’s far more effort than it’s worth. Most customers are likely either regulars or come in due to the place’s reputation.

But I do like to be prepared, so I thought I’d give others a chance to see the sort of options on offer. And I seem to hit a (very modest) nerve. Ranking well above all the scenic shots that I’ve uploaded proudly, are the menu/cake selection shots!

Decisions, Decisions

Nobody wants to be the person who holds up the queue while you decide. And nobody wants to be put on the spot at the till – finally able to see what’s on offer, but having to choose quickly before the cashier or anyone behind gets annoyed! Panic buying is not conducive to a calming cuppa and cake.

I remember being on hols in Italy once, visiting San Gimignano in Tuscany. There was a multiple-award-winning artisan gelateria in the town. But anyone who’s been into an Italian ice-cream shop will know the choice is bewildering. Thank goodness for my guidebook, which told me to order a triple scoop combo of peach, white wine and…er…something else. It was lovely, and while others might not feel the same, I did enjoy having the stress of making my own combo taken off my shoulders.

on the menu

Real gelato. Photo by Alex.

So I’m on a one-man crusade to help folk in the same boat. For all the lovely pics of the outside or inside of cafes shared online, there’s only one thing people really want to know, after all…

And it seems like there are quite a few people who agree!

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