Features Ed Blog: Plant-Sitting A Precious Plant

A carniverous plant on the desk next to a monitor

While some friends go on their summer hols, Features Ed Alex is looking after a precious plant of theirs.

It’s fab to be able to help friends out when they go on hols. When we had our beloved cat, Murphy, he would occasionally stay with some pals of ours. Until we eventually figured out a way to let him stay at home, which he preferred, of course.

When we first started owning chickens, we had friends who had a few, too. And so we were able to take turns to look after the chooks. One time, while they were away getting married, we stopped off on our way home from the wedding the next day to look in on theirs.

If we can’t help each other out with the chickens, then it’s no big deal. Fortunately, we’re only 15 minutes away from a couple who do “chicken boarding”. The chickens can have a wee holiday in their big field, and we don’t have to worry about them. We’re very lucky to have them nearby.


This is the first time I’ve ever done any plant-sitting, though. Our friend left it with us last night. I’m ever so slightly afraid of it, as it’s carnivorous. We were asked as we live close to a couple of small streams — one that runs through our garden, and one in the woods on the other side of the house. We’ve also got an overflowing water butt. It needs fresh water, not tap water, so we were able to step in and offer assistance.

I’m a bit nervous, too, as I’m not particularly green-fingered, but we’ll do our best! If anyone has any tips for keeping hungry plants happy, do let me know! I’m not even sure what type of plant it is. But I’ll still be keeping my hands well clear! I’ll let you know how I get on . . .

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