Features Sneak Peek: July 16, 2022 Issue

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Neil McAllister escapes from it all to take the waters around the Worcestershire town of Malvern, in the July 16, 2022 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

Worcestershire has a gentle landscape – until you reach Malvern. Here, the land rises in a dramatic ridge, like the backbone of a gigantic beast lying between Great Malvern to the north all the way down to Hollybush.

Until the 1500s, this lovely part of the world was largely agricultural, dotted with small villages.

Elizabeth I popularised the practice of spa bathing close to home after visiting Bath in the late 16th century.

Water filtering through the Malvern Hills was said to have healing properties. In fact, it was even given holy status.

Join Neil as he explores this beautiful area.

Dogs With Jobs

July 16, 2022 issue

Photograph courtesy of Jurassic SUP & Fitness.

Stand-up paddle-boarding is becoming ever more popular.

The water sport is a great full-body workout and is lots of fun, too, especially if you paddle along a scenic river or coastline.

There’s also another reason why you’ll enjoy the experience if you give it a go in Charmouth, Dorset – a loveable four-year-old Jack Russell called Daisy joins beginners’ lessons.

Lorna Cowan finds out more in the magazine.


July 16, 2022 issue

Photograph by Polly Pullar.

In the July 16 issue, Polly Pullar delights in the summer performance of dragonflies.

The performers will be attired in sensational colours that gleam and glint in the sun – metallic emerald, turquoise, gold and crimson like shot-silk.

Mid to late summer is the time to watch these beautiful creatures as they take to the wing. Join Polly as she marvels at these wonderful insects.

Lynda Baron

July 16, 2022 issue

Photograph by Shutterstock.

Douglas McPherson pays tribute to the varied career of sitcom and children’s TV star Lynda Baron.

For many, Lynda will always be remembered as Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, the no-nonsense object of Ronnie Barker’s unrequited love in “Open All Hours”.

To those who grew up in the 1990s, however, she was best known as Auntie Mabel, who flew around in a polka dot aeroplane with her dog Pippin, in the educational children’s TV series “Come Outside”.

More recently, Lynda had a long-running role in “EastEnders” as Jane Beale’s mother Lynda. She passed away at the age of eighty-two earlier this year.

Douglas takes a closer look at her career in the magazine.

Elsewhere in the July 16, 2022 issue, we have a collection of delicious summer dessert recipes! Plus we have a knitting pattern to make a simple top.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think.

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