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We’re still reeling over the loss of Olivia Newton-John after she died from cancer earlier this week. She’s best remembered for her iconic role as Sandy in “Grease”, alongside John Travolta. To celebrate her life and legacy, Top10Casinos has compiled a list of the most popular Olivia Newton-John movies and songs.

Although she achieved commercial success as a country singer, it was Sandy that she was known for. As shown in these charts, with four out of five top songs from “Grease” as well as her top movie. “Grease” also was at the top of the list for the UK’s most favourite movie soundtracks!

Top 5 Olivia Newton-John Songs

1. You’re The One That I Want – From “Grease”

Released: 1978

Spotify streams: 366,370,868

2. Hopelessly Devoted To You – From “Grease”

Released: 1978

Spotify streams: 164,954,545

3. Summer Nights – From “Grease”

Released: 1978

Spotify streams: 156,746,902

4. Physical – Remastered 2021

Released: 1981

Spotify streams: 51,506,016

5. We Go Together – From “Grease”

Released: 1978

Spotify streams: 41,154,347

Top 3 Olivia Newton-John Movies

1. “Grease”

Released: 1978

Average rating: 7.1/10

Set in the summer of 1958, this musical hit is still popular with viewers today.

2. It’s My Party

Released: 1996

Average rating: 6/10

In a huge departure from the tone of “Grease”, “It’s My Party” is a drama exploring the impact of AIDS.

3. Sordid Lives

Released: 2000

Average rating: 5.9/10

This comedy flick comes third in the list!

What Olivia-Newton John movies or songs were your favourite?

Olivia Newton-John died peacefully at her home in California surrounded by family and friends, at the age of 73.


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